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Study in Ukraine for international students

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Study in Ukraine

Why Ukraine

Everyone who is eager to get qualitative and affordable education chooses Ukraine and the result meets their expectation.

Ukrainian system of higher education comprises educational institutions of different levels of accreditation: colleges, institutes, universities, academies, which train high qualified specialists of different profile. Foreign students get not only theoretical knowledge but practical skills as well.

Due to qualified academic staff, development and assimilation of new technologies in the training process and educational system in general, Ukrainian higher educational institutions graduate professionals who are able to enhance prestige of their native country.

study in Ukraine

10 reasons to choose education in Ukraine

1. Flexible entry into the country

Non-visa regime for foreign applicants from CIS, a few European countries, Canada, Japan, Israel. For other foreign nationals visa support is provided.

2. Tolerant society

There are no biracial conflicts, religious oppression and ethic opposition. Ukrainians are tolerant towards foreign citizens and they are known for hospitality in the whole world.

3. Affordable cost of education

Tuition fee in Ukraine is significantly lower than in Europe, CIS, North America.

4. Hostel assignment

Ukrainian universities provide foreign students with accommodation in their hostels. Cost of accommodation is very democratic.

5. High European level of education

Leading higher educational institutions of Ukraine have several centuries history, strong academic staff. Many of them are recognized worldwide. In 2005 Ukraine signed the Bologna Declaration and has standardized system of education together with 46 European countries, which enhances mobility of students and graduates.

6. Mode of study

Bachelor degree, Master's degree program, postgraduate education. Distance and part-time education. Language of studies on choice – English, Russian, Ukrainian.

7. Preparatory courses

Almost all higher educational institutions have special preparatory departments where foreign students learn Russian or Ukrainian language. Such preparatory language training program takes from 6 till 10 months.

8. Wide choice of courses and specialities

Ukrainian higher educational institutions provide education in the following specialities: Medicine, Law, Economics, Engineering, Techniques, Social sciences, Arts.

9. Successful start of life in any country of the world

Ukraine is a member of the Hague Convention and the Lisbon Convention which declare simplified process of legalization of documents and acknowledge qualifications of higher education in Europe. Ukrainian diploma is recognized in all countries of the world.

10. Beautiful country with European standard of life

Ukraine is a beautiful country. Mountains, rivers, lakes and seas create original nature for healthy and active life. Historical sights, museums, theatres, sports, different hobbies, active leisure can be found in Ukraine!

Recognition Of Ukrainian Diplomas Abroad

In 2005, Ukraine joined the Bologna Declaration and now the country is carrying out Bologna reforms together with the other 46 European countries.

The country is a member of the Hague Convention on the simplified procedure of legalizing documents, as well as the Lisbon Recognition Convention on the recognition of qualifications concerning higher education in the European region.

Ukraine is introducing the European Credit and Transfer System, as well as a European-type diploma supplement.

After graduation, foreign students obtain diplomas of international standard which recognized in any country of the world.Ukraine is hospitable and beautiful country with European system of education. Today more than 61 thousand foreign students from 150 countries of the world study in Ukrainian universities. Every year this number increases.