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Our Universities

Kirovohrad Flying Academy Of The National Aviation University

City: Kirovohrad

Year of foundation: 1951

*The preparatory department

Status: governmental

*The students: 6000

Form of study: full-time

*The foreign students: 543

Language of study: Russian

*The academic staff: 250

Academic degrees: Bachelor, Master, Ph.D

*Professors and doctors of science: 70

photoThe National Aviation University is a powerful aviation higher educational institution, that is well-known not only in Ukraine, but also far abroad. Thousands of its scientists and lecturers, hundred thousands of graduates have made a considerable contribution to the development of national and world science, techniques and industry; they became the active creators of scientific and technical progress.

During the years of its existence, over 150 thousand Specialists and Masters have been trained at the National Aviation University, and today they are the visit-card of the National Aviation University in all regions of Ukraine, CIS, and foreign countries.

A unique aviation base, composed of the educational air field, unique aviation hangar, radio-ground and that for ground-based aero-equipment, trainers and aerodynamic complex, with a unique wind-channel (which is fixed in the State Register of Scientific Objects of National Property), is created at the University.

The foreign citizens can obtain the higher education in Kirovohrad Flying Academy. The majors for foreign students:

Aircraft Flight Operation, Aircraft Maintenance, Repairing and Diagnostics, dispatcher, computer systems and information support of the flights, etc. The languages of studies are Russian or Ukrainian (after the completion of Preparatory Department of learning these languages at the Academy).

Degree Programs

Preparatory Language Department
Training course in Russian language
Aircraft Flight Operation
Aircraft Maintenance, Repairing and Diagnostics
Air Traffic Service
Air Traffic Service Dispatcher
Computer Systems and Information Support of the Flights
Management of Foreign Economic Activity