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Study in Ukraine for international students

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Our Universities

Poltava University of Economics and Trade

City: Poltava

Year of foundation: 1961

*The preparatory department

Status: private

*Number of students: 7 400

Faculties: 3

*Number of foreign students: 278

Language of study: Russian, Ukrainian, English

*The academic staff: 364

Academic degrees: Bachelor, Master, Ph.D

*Educational programs: 38

photoThe mission of  PUET is to ensure the development of the potential and opportunities for self-realization of students and employees in the process of their joint educational, scientific, innovative and organizational activities; the preparation of recognized professionals of the new generation - leaders in the field of economy, entrepreneurship, management, service, food and information technology.

PUET is one of the first institutes of higher education in Ukraine, which started the development and implementation of a quality management system. The University has the International Certificate 440030QM08 of the International Certification Network (IQNet) and the German Quality Management System Certification Authority (DQS GmbH) on compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2008 (certification - 2009, recertification - 2012, 2015).

These are university faculties:

  • Institute of Economics, Management and Information Technology
  • Faculty of Commodities, Trade and Marketing
  • Food Technology, Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Business Technology Faculty

Degree Programs

  1. Preparatory language department
  2. Training course in English:
  • Programming of Economic Process BSc
  • Economic Cybernetics and Business Analytics BSc
  • Finance, Banking and Insurance BSc
  • Human Resource Management and Labor Economics BSc, MSc
  • Accounting and Auditing BSc, MSc
  • Food Technologies and Engineering BSc
  • Hotel and Restaurant Business BSc, MSc
  • Banking Business MSc
  • Management of Foreign Economic Activities MSc

One of the important directions of PUET's activity is international cooperation.

Membership in international organizations:

  • Commonwealth of Magna Charta Universities,
  • European Retail Academy,
  • Eurasian Association of Universities.

PUET cooperates in contracts concluded with 82 foreign educational institutions from 30 countries of the world.

Studying under the program "Double Diploma" allows students to simultaneously receive two diplomas: the Ukrainian state standard degree of PUET and European model of one of the proposed higher education institutions:

  1. Joint master program in Hotel restaurant business and Tourism with Academy of hotel business and catering industry in Poznan (Poland)
  2. Joint master program in Business Administration with University of Nicosia (Cyprus)
  3. Joint master program in Management of Foreign Economic Activity with Information Systems Management Institute ISMA (Latvia)
  4. Joint bachelor and master programs in Management of Foreign Economic Activity and International Economics with University of Auvergne (France)

Students take an active part in scholarship regional, national and international programs.

Grant projects and programs:

  • Cooperation on the project TEMPUS MODEP (PROGRAMME TEMPUS 144920 - TEMPUS - 2008 - FR.JPCR) "Trans-European Mobility Programme for University Study" (Coordinator - University of Auvergne (France), funding - European Union).
  • Cooperation on the project TEMPUS ECOMMIS Plus "Two cycle E-Commerce curricula to serve Information Society in RU, UA, IL" (coordinator - Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania), funding – European Union)
  • Cooperation on the Eurasian project "Program of Development of Kazakhstan 's transport infrastructure , which will speed the flow of cargo from China and Central Asian countries to the European Union" (Federal Republic of Germany, funding - European Union).
  • Cooperation on the project of the United Nations Development Programme and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic "Support to Baku tourism vocational school" (Coordinator - UNDP, financing - UNDP).
  • Cooperation on the project TEMPUS UNIVIA (543893 -TEMPUS- 1 -2013-1-AZ-TEMPUS-SMGR) "Development and improvement of University Administration on International Affairs" (coordinator - Azerbaijan State Economic University (Republic of Azerbaijan), funding - European Union).
  • Cooperation on the project " Europe on the Move: the Great War and its Refugees, 1914-1918" (coordinator - University of Manchester (UK), financing - British Academy of Sciences).
  • Cooperation on the project TEMPUS ELITE "Education for Leadership, Intelligence and Talent Encouraging" (coordinator - Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania) funding - European Union).