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Kherson State Maritime Academy

City: Kherson

Year of foundation: 1834

*Preparatory department

Status: governmental

*The students: 7000

Language of study: English, Ukrainian, Russian

*The foreign students: 75

Faculties: 2

*The academic staff: 367

Educational levels: Bachelor, Master, PhD.

*Educational programs: 3

Kherson State Maritime Academy is a state higher educational establishment with the fourth level of accreditation. It trains maritime professionals with academic degrees Bachelor, Master and Philosophy Doctor.

There are Navigation Faculty and Engineering Faculty at the Academy. Maritime College and Professional Maritime Lyceum are the unincorporated structural units of the Academy. Academy with its structural units is a unique educational establishment that uses a unified approach to educational process organization. The teaching staff consists of highly qualified specialists in the marine domain and teachers of the top-qualification. There are twelve departments with 146 teachers including 10 doctors of sciences, professors and 65 candidates of sciences, associate professors. There are 124 teachers at the Maritime College and Professional Maritime Lyceum including 49 teachers of top-qualification. Teachers of the departments work on the training development for the disciplines of the curriculum, take part in All-Ukrainian, Regional and Interuniversity research and scientific conferences, so that their scientific works are published in specialized journals and scientific collected volumes of HAC. The research work plays a great role in the life of the Academy notwithstanding the young age of the Academy in the capacity of the higher educational establishment.

Kherson State Maritime AcademyOne of the most significant tasks of the Academy is training of the competitive marine specialists for the national and global job markets. Cadets of the Academy and College have practice on the vessels that belong to the famous shipping companies of Germany, Greece, Holland, Great Britain, USA etc. Moreover, Academy invites best teachers and lecturers of the highest qualification from the European countries.

In 2007 Marine College entered into an agreement with Marlow Navigation about the cooperation in marine specialists training at the premises of Kherson Maritime College. This Agreement includes training, certification, further employment of the cadets and their career development in the Company.

Marlow Navigation together with the training establishment created a joint training laboratory of Kherson State Maritime Academy and Marlow Navigation on the base of the modern vessel HR Constellation in America in order to coordinate the content and level of the theoretical education and to improve the skills of the cadets aboard the vessel. The Company spent 240 thousand US dollars just to tool up 8 places for the practical training for the cadets.

On the initiative of the company «Marlow Navigation» a new undergraduate course on "Management of marine resources" was introduced to an educational establishment of Ukraine for the first time.

The company «Marlow Navigation» pays great attention to the improvement of teaching and laboratory facilities in the academy:

  • in 2007 the academy was presented with a modern lifeboat "Brig";
  • in 2007 and 2008 the library received about 200 modern textbooks and manuals on marine specialties, as well as educational materials on electronic media;
  • in 2009, a unique Ukrainian training simulator "free-fall lifeboat", which cost about 500 thousand dollars, was installed at the water station.

Training facilities of the academy meet international requirements and standards of maritime education and include: 5 buildings, 2 workshops, 2 gyms and 2 assembly halls, a canteen, 3 dormitories, 2 water-training stations (on the river Dnieper and in the village Lazurnoye on the Black sea), one library with 3 rooms and a total capacity of about 200,000 copies.

In January 2011, the maritime educational institution has received certificates and marks of conformity with the international standard ISO 9001:2009 DSTU in the Shipping Register of Ukraine.

In 2012, the Academy opened the department of postgraduate study and declared an enrollment of graduate students (full and part-job) by specialty:

  • 05.02.01 - Materials;
  • 05.13.07 - Automation of management;
  • 05.26.01 - Occupational safety and health.

Degree Programs

Preparatory language department

Training course in English/Ukrainian/Russian:

  • Navigation, BSc, MSc
  • Marine Engineering, BSc, MSc
  • Marine Electrical Engineering, BSC, MSc