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Sumy National Agrarian University

City: Sumy

Year of foundation: 1977

*Preparatory department

Status: governmental

*Number of students: 10500

Language of study: English, Ukrainian, Russian

*Number of foreign students: 540

Educational levels: Bachelor, Master, Ph.D

*The academic staff: 630

Faculties: 9

*Educational programs: 37

Sumy National Agrarian University is a higher educational establishment with level - IV of accreditation; it is one of the best agrarian universities of Ukraine. Sumy National Agrarian University was founded in 1977.

According to the ranking of the world universities in terms of their presence in the network of Internet Webometrics Ranking of World's Universities, compiled in January 2017, Sumy National Agrarian University is the third among 20 higher educational agrarian establishments.

Sumy National Agrarian University

Sumy National Agrarian University trains highly qualified specialists for agriculture with profound learning of foreign languages ​​and computer science. The structure of University includes 8 faculties and one Institute:

  • Biotechnological Department
  • Civil Construction Department
  • Engineering-Technological Department
  • Agrotechnologies and Environmental Use Department
  • Veterinary Medicine Department
  • Economics and Management Department
  • Food Technologies Department
  • Law Department
  • Post-graduate Education Institute

Scientific and research work is conducted in 19 research laboratories; we have 26 specialties for postgraduate students. Research Institute of Potato-breeding in the northeastern region of Ukraine was founded at the Department of plant breeding and seed-production.

International educational and scientific projects of SNAU:

DAAD Project "Master of Business Administration"

  • Joint project of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations "FAO" and Sumy NAU: "Increasing of Milk Quality from Private Subsidiary Farmings in Sumy Region"..
  • DAAD Project "Leonhard-Euler Scholar Programme"
  • Educational projects with universities of Poland.
  • The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and Sumy National Agrarian University joint project Module Training Program «SUCCESSFUL GRAIN AGRIBUSINESS IN A SMALL AREA».

Students of the university have the unique opportunity to go abroad and to work in the agricultural farms in England, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, France, USA, Australia, the Netherlands; it greatly increases their professional level and helps them to employ in leading agricultural and processing enterprises.

Foreign Students’ Centre of Sumy National Agrarian University was established in the structure of SNAU based on the preparatory department for foreign students.

The main task  of the Center is to organize a recruitment  of foreign students for study and also  coordination of  all forms of educational, scientific,  educative work, which turns to ensure a high level of foreign  students preparation  in the system of continual  higher education from pre-university preparation to doctoral studies.

Today the University has an experience in teaching students from more than 28 countries such as Turkmenistan, Turkey, Nigeria, China, Zambia, Zimbabwe, USA, Germany, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, India, Lebanon, Morocco, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Guinea, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Senegal, Syria, Georgia, Nepal, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Swaziland and others.

Degree programs

Training course in English language:

  • Environmental Studies
  • Agronomy
  • Forestry
  • Landscaping
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Management

Degree programs

Preparatory Department for foreign students

Training course in Ukrainian, Russian language:

  • Administrative Management
  • Management of foreign economic activity
  • Management of Organizations
  • Logistics
  • Commodity and commercial businesses
  • Enterprise economy
  • Marketing
  • Energy and electrical systems in the agro-industrial complex
  • The technology of production and processing of animal products
  • Fishing
  • Finance
  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Land management and cadastre
  • Highways and airfields
  • Industrial and Civil Construction
  • Processes, machines and equipment of agricultural production
  • Technology of storage, preservation and processing of meat
  • Technology of storage, preservation and processing of milk
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • Forestry and Horticulture
  • Plant Protection
  • Agronomy