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Our Universities

State University of Telecommunications

City: Kyiv

Year of foundation: 1957

*Preparatory department

Status: governmental

*The students: 8000

Language of study: English, Ukrainian, Russian

*The foreign students: 350

Educational levels: Bachelor, Master, Ph.D

*The academic staff: 530

Faculties: 7

*Educational programs: 23

State University of TelecommunicationsThe State University of Telecommunications is a multi-profile higher educational institution, certified under international quality standard ISO 9001:2009 in the sphere of educational services in software engineering, telecommunications, computer science and information technologies, cyber security, radio engineering etc. University conducts basic and applied research and uses the modern equipment from leading companies in the world like Hewlett-Packard and Huawei.

There are three communication technologies centers based in the university where students obtain necessary knowledge and practical skills free of charge. They are:

  • Hewlett-Packard – one of the biggest American IT companies, hardware and software provider;
  • CISCO – the world’s biggest IT-equipment producer, worldwide leader in network technologies.

Alcatel-Lucent – French-American company operating in the field of telecommunications and computer software.

Today the University comprises 23 departments organized into 5 educational-scientific institutes:

  • Educational-scientific Institute of Telecommunications and Information,
  • Educational-scientific Institute of Information security,
  • Educational and Research Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship,
  • Educational-scientific Institute of Correspondence and Distance Education,
  • Educational-scientific Institute of Post graduate Education

and 2 faculties:

  • Faculty of Information Technologies,
  • Faculty оf Telecommunications.

Degree programs

Training course in English language:

  • Software Engineering
  • Telecommunications & Radioengineering
  • Cyber Security

Degree programs

Preparatory Department for foreign students

Training course in Ukrainian, Russian language:

  1. Computer engineering
  2. Software Engineering
  3. Computer Science and Information Technology:
  • Software Information Systems
  • Designing Intelligent Systems
  1. Cybersecurity
  • Security information and communication systems
  • Technical protection of information systems
  • Information Security Management
  1. Telecommunications and Radio Engineering
  • Telecommunication systems and networks
  • Mobile and vide information technologies
  • Fiber optic and hybrid transmission system
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Energy-saving technologies in telecommunications
  • Satellite telecommunication and navigation systems
  1. System analysis
  • System analysis and management
  1. Management
  2. Public management and administration
  3. Marketing
  4. Enterprise, trade and exchange activity
  5. Іnformational, library and archive science
  • Documentation and Information Activities
  • Information analyst and public relations
  1. Sociology