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Study in Ukraine for international students

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Our Universities

National Technical University, Kharkiv

City: Kharkiv

Year of foundation: 1885

*The preparatory department

Status: governmental

*The students: 20 000

Form of study: full-time

*The foreign students: 1 469

Language of study: Russian, Ukrainian, English

*The academic staff: 1700

Academic degrees: Bachelor, Master, Ph.D

*Professors and doctors: 200

photoMore than 2000 foreigners from 76 countries of the world study on 76 specialities at 19 faculties of the National Technical University. The university includes Inter-branch Institute for Personnel Development by New Tendencies in Science and Technology, three scientific-and-research and planning-and-design institutes.

Besides, the university has 13 dormitories for 8000 people, 7 dwelling houses, university campus of 20 buildings in the centre of Kharkiv city, Student Palace with dancing and exhibition halls, modern sports complex with two swimming pools and a tennis court, 14 gyms, canteen for 1700 seats, modern 6-storey library with 2 million volumes with internet connection, etc.

The preparatory department performs pre-university training of foreign citizens on the following directions: engineering-and-technical; economic; medical-and-biological; humanities. The subjects, studied at preparatory department: Russian, Ukrainian, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Information Science, Drawing, Country Studies, Elementary Economics, Principles of Law, Biology, Principles of Ukrainian and Foreign Culture, Economic and Social Geography, Sociology, Concept of Modern Nature Study.

Degree Programs

Fields of study Training course in English
Economic - Finance and Credit
- Foreign-Economic Activity Management
Computer and Information Technologies  - System Software
Technology of Organic Substances - Oil and Gas Recovery  

Degree Programs

Preparatory Language Department

Fields of study Training Course in Russian/ Ukrainian
Automatics and Instrument - Radio Physics and Radio Electronics
- Computer-Assisted Command System and Automatics
- Biological Engineering and Medical Devices and Systems
- Metrology and Measuring Technology
- Information-Measuring System
Economic - Social Science
- Finance and Credit
- Taxation
- Management of Organization and Administration
- Management of Foreign Activity
- Economy of the Enterprise
- Marketing - Accounting and Auditing
- Intellectual Property
- Economic Cybernetics
- Computer Eco-Economic Monitoring
Electric Power Engineering - Electric Power Plant
- Electric Systems and Chains
- Technology and Electro Physics of the High-Tension Ignition
- System of Production Control and Electrical Energy Distribution
- Power Management
Electric Machine Industry - Electrical Machines and Devices
- Electric Household Equipment
- Physical and Biomedical Electronics
- Electrical power system
- Ecological Monitoring Devices and Systems
- Non-destructive Examination Devices and Systems
Power Mechanical Engineering - Computer Integrated Technology Process and Manufacture
- Hydraulic and Pneumatic Machines, Hydropower Engineering
- Equipment Petroleum and Gas Industry
- Heat and Power Engineering
- Thermal Physics
- Energetic Management
- Hydropower Engineering
- Boilers and Reactors
- Turbo Machinery  
Engineering Physics - Flow Mechanics
- Computer-aided Mechanics
- Applied Mathematics
- Information Science
- Information Technologies of Design
- System Design
Integrated Technology and Applied Chemistry - Ecology and Environmental Control
- Automatic Control System of Technological Process
- Computer-integrated Technological Process and Production
- Equipment of In-process Material and Food Industry
- Equipment of Chemical Production and Factories of Constructional Processing
- Chemical Technologies of Polymer and Compound Material Processing
- Chemical Technologies of High-Molecular Compounds
Computer and Information Technologies - Artificial Intelligence Systems
- Computer-driven System and Network
- Programming Systems
- Dedicated Computer-driven Systems
- Video-, Audio and Cinematographic Engineering
- Telecommunication Systems and Network  
Mechanical Engineering - Automatic Control System of Process Controller
- Technology of Mechanical Engineering
- Hydraulic and Pneumatic Machines, Hydropower Engineering
- Metal-cutting Machine Tools and Systems
- Tool Production
- Lifting-and-shifting, Construction, Road-Making, Land Reclamation Machines and Equipments
- Quality, Standardization and Certification  
Mechanical and Technological - Information Technologies Design
- Computer-integrated Technologic Process and Manufacturing
- Applied Material Science
- Equipment for Foundry Engineering
- Equipment and Technologies for Plastic Forming of Mechanical Engineering Constructions
Technology of Inorganic Substances - Chemical Technology of the Inorganic Substances
- Technological Electrochemistry
- Chemical Technology Refractory Nonmetallic and Silicate Materials
- Chemical Technology Rare Sparse Component and Materials on their Base  
Technology of Organic Substances - Oil and Gas Recovery
- Chemical Technology of Organic Substances
- Chemical Technology of Fuel and Carbon-Base Materials
- Chemical Technology High-Molecular Compound
- Industrial Biotechnology
- Pharmaceutic Biotechnology
- Technology of Fats and Fat Substitute
- Technology of Fermentation Production and Vine Production  
Transport Engineering - Information Technology of Design
- Military Wheel-caterpillar Vehicle
- Internal Combustion Engine
- Wheeled and Tracked Vehicles
- Electric System and Complex of Vehicle
- Locomotives and Locomotive Facilities
- Motor Vehicle and Automotive Industry  
Physico-Technical - Physic Material Science
- Cryogenic Technology and Technics
- Technology and Electro Physics of High-tension Ignition
- Alternatives and Renewables
- Micro- and Nanoelectronic Devices and Facilities