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Our Universities

National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute”

City: Kharkiv

Year of foundation: 1930

*The preparatory department

Status: governmental

*The students: 12 000

Form of study: full-time

*The foreign students: 1 311

Language of study: Russian, Ukrainian, English

*The academic staff: 820

Academic degrees: Bachelor, Master, Ph.D

*Professors and doctors: 350

photoUkraine is one of few countries of the world where aviation and space engineering are developed and manufactured and where skilled specialists are trained for these areas. The National Aerospace University Kharkiv Aviation Institute is the leading one among the Ukrainian educational institutions which turn out such specialists.

The KhAI was founded in 1930. Its history is closely connected with the development of aircraft engineering and science. The University is famous for its creation of the first in Europe high-speed airplane with a retractable landing gear and the creation of the design of the turbojet engine developed by teacher of the KhAI A. M. Liulka who afterwards became the academician and designer of many structures of aircraft engines including the engine of the aircraft Su-27.

The KhAI is a member of International Association of Universities; Global Association, Organization of Industry and Airport Technology. Kharkiv Aerospace University had the Preparatory Department for learning Ukrainian/Russian language and propose English language of studies on some specialities.

Degree Programs

Fields of study Training course in English
Aircraft Engineering - Airplanes and Helicopters
Aircraft Engines - Aircraft Engines and Power Plants
Aircraft Control Systems - Computer Engineering
- Avionics
Economics and Management - Business Management

Degree Programs

Preparatory Language Department

Fields of study Training Course in Russian/ Ukrainian
Aircraft Engineering - Airplanes and Helicopters
- Aircraft Manufacturing Process
- Aircraft Testing and Certification
- Machines Dynamics and Strength
- Applied Fluid Mechanics and Mechanotronics
- Information Technology of Design
- System Design
- Ecology, Environmental Protection and Environmental Management
- Automobile Transport
- Examination of Goods and Services
- Aircraft Maintenance
Aircraft Engines - Gas-Turbine Power Plants and Compressor Stations
- Aircraft Engines and Power Plants
- Aircraft Engines and Power Plants Manufacturing Process
- Thermal Physics
- Energy Management
- Logistic System Engineering
- Robotic Systems and Complexes
Aircraft Control Systems - Aircraft Control Systems
- Air Navigation Service Systems
- Computer-Assisted Command System and Automation
- Information Control Systems and Technologies
- Metrology and Instrumentation
- Information Measuring Systems
- Quality, Standardization and Certification
- Applied Mathematics
- Mathematical and Computer-Aided Design
- Social Information Science
- Computer-Integrated Production Processes
Aerospace Technology - Rocket and Space Complexes
- Composite Constructions Design and Production
- Rocket Engines and Power Plants
- Packaging Machine and Technologies
- Internal Combustion Engines
- System Analysis and Management
- Alternatives and Renewables
- Energetic Management
Aircraft Radio Engineering - Radio Electronic Apparatus and Items
- Biotechnical and Medical Apparatus and Systems
- Radio Electronic Devices, Systems and Complexes
- Information Communication Networks
- Telecommunication Technologies
- Computer Systems and Networks
- System Programming
- Specialized Computer Systems
- Information and Communication Systems Security
- Geoinformational Systems and Technologies
Economics and Management - Business Management and Administration
- Management of Foreign Economic Activity
- Management of Tourist Industry
- Logistics
- International Projects and Programs Administration
- International Economics
- Business Economics - Marketing
- Finance and Credit
- Accounting and Audit
- System Software
- Software Engineering
Humanities - Applied Linguistics (English)
- Psychology
- Record Management and Information Activity