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Study in Ukraine for international students

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Speciallities & courses

Postgraduate education in Ukraine

PHD (obtaining Candidate of Sciences degree, Philosophy Doctor degree) lasts three years or more. Ukraine provides a wide choice of PHD specialities: physical and mathematical, engineering, economical and medical sciences. Upon completion of the course, aspirant presents his research work (thesis work) in public. If presentation is successful, candidate of Sciences degree is awarded. This qualification is equal to world qualification of “Doctor of Philosophy” (PhD).

Clinical ordinatura is a specialized medical preparation, advanced training of doctors by certain clinical speciality. Enrollment and training in clinical ordinatura is performed on the basis of Doctoral Diploma and lasts for 2 or 4 years, at option of clinical ordinator. For the whole period of study, research supervisor from high qualified specialists (Candidate of Science or Doctor of Philosophy, Professor) is appointed, according to individual plan. 

The most popular clinical specialities are:

  • Pediatrics,
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology,
  • Cardiology,
  • Anesthesiology,
  • Medical Diseases,
  • Urology,
  • Dermatology,
  • Orthopedics and Traumatology,
  • Ophthalmology, etc.

The most popular post-graduate courses

(Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Science) offered by Ukrainian universities for international students are:

  • Technical sciences,
  • Philosophical sciences,
  • Biological sciences,
  • Physico-mathematical sciences,
  • Law sciences,
  • Economic sciences,
  • Philological sciences,
  • National Security,
  • Public Administration,
  • Social Communications.