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Distance learning/part-time study


Part-time education in Ukraine is the most interesting for students, who have no opportunity for permanent stay in Ukraine and who work in their country and want to get high education simultaneously.

Part-time education is especially interesting for the citizens of Russian-speaking countries (including Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, etc.) or for the citizens, who temporarily live abroad. When studying part-timely, more time for student’s self-study is provided, as well as necessity to arrive at examination sitting twice a year. Comparing with full-time education, cost of education is much lower, but duration of study is longer. For example, it takes 5.5 years to receive Bachelor’s degree and 2 years to receive Master’s degree.

Distance learning


It is one of the most popular study options in the world. It is a study option, which applies computer and telecommunication technologies, which provide interactive communication between teachers and students on various stages of teaching and self-guided work with information network materials (online video lectures, virtual simulators and other technology solutions for effective educational process).

It is ideal solution for those, who prefer modern information technologies in education and know the value of time.

Duration of study is equal to part-time education. 5.5 years to receive Bachelor’s degree and 2 years to receive Master’s degree.

The important advantage of distance education over part time is applying of modern technologies and possibility to arrive at examination sitting in Ukraine once a year.