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Study in Ukraine for international students

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Speciallities & courses

Bachelor degree. Master degree. Medicine.


As in the majority of European and world countries a student has to complete a 4 year programme to earn Bachelor’s Degree.

Bachelor degree


Duration of Master Courses in Ukraine is 1-2 years, depending on a speciality, curriculum and university. Master Courses are provided on the basis of:

  • Bachelor’s qualification, acquired in Ukraine
  • Bachelor’s qualification, acquired in any other country, including African and Asian countries, BUT after completing nostrification procedure (i.e. Diploma of Bachelor’s Degree is recognized equal to Ukrainian Diploma).

NOTE! Training of foreign and Ukrainian students on the qualification level of “Bachelor”, and “Master” is provided in ALL possible specialities except MEDICINE.

Master degree


To receive education by speciality «General Medicine» and acquire qualification of Doctor of Medicine students undergo 6 year training.

The thing, which attracts foreign medical students to Ukraine, is the possibility to get not only theoretical knowledge, but wide practical skills as within the period of studying students undergo internship in medical centers and hospitals in the city of study, at laboratories and clinics operating with modern equipment with the assistance of high qualified professors and employees. Accent on getting practical experience for potential doctors is a peculiarity and absolute merit of medical education in Ukraine. A lot of instructors combine teaching and practice. Medical speciality is one of the most popular among foreign students.