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Study in Ukraine for international students

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Admission for study

Obtaining of visa for studying in Ukraine


STEP 1. Preparation of documents to submit to Ukrainian Embassy.

Once you have received original of your invitation letter for study you need to apply for long-term visa type “D“ to Ukrainian embassy in country of your residence. If there is no Ukrainian embassy in your home country it is necessary to check Embassy of Ukraine in respective country which is servicing applicants from your home country.

In this regard international students applying for Ukrainian visa are recommended:

  • to plan travel and submission of documents in advance;

  • to register through on-line system for visa interview (only via official website of respective Ukrainian embassy ;
  • to submit correctly filled visa application form and to upload high-quality photo on Embassy’s website (our company assists international students in correct filling visa application form and provide them with necessary information, because Ukrainian embassy reject applications with mistakes or containing incorrect information);
  • to have confirmation of student’s invitation letter registration from Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (visa support) in Ukrainian Embassy;
  • to prepare correctly for personal visa interview.

List of documents required for visa application:

  1. International passport (with expiry date of at least 12 months following the end of visa validity and at least 3 blank pages and photocopy of first page of passport);
  2. Visa application form (filled and printed out);
  3. Two recent color pictures against the white background (30x40mm);
  4. Original invitation and its photocopy;
  5. Original of birth certificate and a copy legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your residence country;
  6. Original of school-leaving certificate of secondary school (college) record with enclosed statement of results (transcript of marks received) and their copies legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of issuing country;
  7. Medical certificate of general fitness legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of issuing country. Medical certificate should be issued no more than 2 months before studying process will begin);
  8. Original of a sponsorship letter (attested by a notary) in a form of a court affidavit, which must include a full name of a sponsor, his/her address, landline and mobile telephone number, e-mail (if any), and obligation of a sponsor to cover expenses of an applicant;
  9. Original of recent bank statements of a sponsor (for the past six months and should be personal not a company account); minimum amount should be sufficient to cover all applicant’s expenses during his/her first year in Ukraine (tuition fees and daily expenses);
  10. Photocopy of sponsor’s ID/passport;
  11. The insurance policy valid for the period of one month starting while entering the territory of Ukraine (our company can provide students with appropriate insurance policy).

Students applying for Master Degree Courses additionally submite:

  • Bachelor Diploma certificate, original and copy legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of issuing country;
  • Transcript of Bachelor Diploma, original and copy legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of issuing country.

STEP 2. Translation of documents into Ukrainian language.

Our company provides services on translation of candidate’s documents into Ukrainian language.

It includes translation of the following documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • School leaving certificate
  • Transcript/School results
  • Bachelor degree diploma/ transcript to Bachelor
  • Medical certificate

The cost of translation of package of documents applying for Master’s degree is making separately for each case (additionally are translated Bachelor Diploma certificate and transcript).

For the translation of documents you need to send your documents copies on our email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will make translation during 1 working day.

STEP 3. Preparation for visa interview.

Our company gives guidance to students in correct documents preparation and assists them in preparation for interview as well.

Do always remember that to prepare correctly and to pass consular’s interview is a very important step on your way to Ukraine. During visa interview students should be able to clearly and consciously describe their intentions on coming to Ukraine for study to be granted visa. 

List of Ukrainian Embassies