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Study in Ukraine for international students

+38 (093) 0529553 inter_assistance

Admission for study

Beginning of studies in Ukraine

Our company arranges:

  • Transfer to a chosen university;
  • Cell phone sim card so that you students may use it to call your parents and relatives immediately on arrival;
  • Placement in university’s hostel/dormitory;
  • Medical check up on arrival (obligatory for all international students);
  • Assistance in preparation of all necessary documents for studying in Ukraine and submission to admission commission and international department of university on arrival;
  • Preparation of necessary documents for submission to Migration Service of Ukraine and obtaining a temporary residence permit;
  • Medical & migration insurances which are required for obtaining temporary residence permit in Migration Service of Ukraine;
  • Assistance with submission of all necessary documents to dean’s office of university on arrival;
  • Assistance in nostrification of educational documents of students in Ministry of Education & Science of Ukraine (The procedure of recognition of educational documents for students studied abroad and arrived to Ukraine to continue studies on Master courses, PhD etc.);
  • Transfer to another university in Ukraine if required.

Company “INTER ASSISTANCE” provides students and applicants all-round support. Cooperation with us is pleasant and effective. You will always get timely consultation and help on any question arising at the initial stage of preparing for admission to a Ukrainian university or during any time of your stay and study in Ukraine.

IMPORTANT! All foreign students arriving for studies to Ukraine should submit documents to obtain temporary residence permit to Migration Service of Ukraine within 15 days BEFORE the day your visa expires! So this is very important while planning the day of arrival to Ukraine.

Assistance to parents of international students:

Our company “Inter Assistance” is providing assistance to international students’ parents coming to visit them in Ukraine:

  • Official invitation proceeding
  • Visa support
  • Arrival to the city of their child studying
  • Permanent residence

Useful advices:

  • If you arrive to Ukraine in autumn or winter, please make sure you have warm clothes and shoes with you. In Ukraine the average temperature in autumn is +25 C, in winter -10 C;
  • Before leaving your country please check you are coming with necessary package of documents required for board crossing and submission to university on arrival;
  • Inform us about your arrival within 3 days before the date. This will guarantee your successful and quick passing of all controls on arrival.

Thousands of international students found Ukraine as the best country to live and study!

We invite you to join international students community in Ukraine!