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Study in Ukraine for international students

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Admission for study

Arrival to Ukraine

Arrival to Ukraine for students is an important step, which is necessary to arrange properly due to Ukrainian legislation and proceeding.

So here you will find important detailed information about all proceeding for student’s arrival:

After obtaining a visa an international students should inform our company on email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within 3-5 days before arrival about time, date, flight number etc. (is better to send a copy of your ticket on our email). Our company arranges all necessary proceeding for student’s arrival, migration processing Ukraine, pick up and transfer to university in Ukraine.

IMPORTANT! Due to Ukrainian legislation, international students arriving without informing Ukrainian part about their arrival can be deported back to their countries without giving a reason.

Company informs Migration Service of Ukraine with official letter about international students arrival to Ukrainian airport and during students passport control at the airport the Border Service verifies whether the official representative mentioned in this official letter is meeting students.

During border control students are undergoing a detailed interview on arrival, so students should definitely explain which university they are going to, which course of studies, who is picking them on arrival and have enough financial funds with them to pay school fees and other expenditures.

So, successful passing the migration processing on arrival depends on the following important factors:

  • Students inform the company in time about their arrival to enable company to arrange all proceeding;
  • Students should pass the interview with Border Service giving all detailed information about purpose of their arrival to Ukraine;
  • Students can prove that they have enough financial support and funds with them to pay their studies.
  • The representative of company picks international students, transfers to University in Ukraine, and accompanies them to the place of living, helps with placement in hostel.


Arrangements of official pick up at airport first of all is:

  • your safety;
  • 100 % guarantee of your successful Board crossing on arrival to Ukraine;
  • comfortable transfer to university of your choice;
  • admission and quick placement to university’s hostel.

Airports of arrival.

Here we give important information about available airport of arrival depending on city of your future study with the purpose for more convenient pick up and quick transfer to university of your choice. 

City of study Airport of arrival
Kyiv Kyiv, “Borispyl”
Sumy Kyiv, “Borispyl”
Vynnitsa Kyiv, “Borispyl”
Kirovograd Kyiv, “Borispyl”
Poltava Kyiv, “Borispyl”
Kharkiv Kyiv, “Borispyl” / Kharkiv/ Dnipropetrovsk
Zaporizhzhya Dnipropetrovsk
Ivano-Frankivsk Lviv / Kyiv
Odessa Odessa
Lviv Lviv