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Study in Ukraine for international students

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Are the universities of Ukraine recognized all over the world?

Ukrainian and international students obtain diplomas (degree certificates) of international standard which are recognized globally (WHO, UNESCO, Europe Council, International University Association).

  1. Is any certificate of examination of proficiency in English (IELTS, TOIFEL) required?

No, it is not required IELTS or TOIFEL certificates. Students applying for English medium of studies should have secondary school exam results in English. International students undergo interview on English language knowledge on arrival to Ukraine.

  1. How to apply to study in Ukraine? How to get the invitation letter?

To apply for Ukrainian degree programs or preparatory courses please contact us through email, WhatsApp, skype or fill the on-line application form here. We provide students with all necessary and important information for further proceeding on admission, facilitate to select the best universities in Ukraine and assist in every aspect.

Invitation for study is proceeded with assistance of our company and issued by University and the original of invitation is sent to students by express mail (DHL, EMS, FedEx or others).

  1. What is visa support confirmation?

Visa support confirmation implies entering information in Ministry of Foreign Affairs database and is done along with delivering the original of invitation letter. Without this confirmation students cannot apply for visa.

  1. What is the process of obtaining residence permit of Ukraine?

On arrival to Ukraine after paying the school fees and being officially enrolled to University, students submit their documents for residence permit processing to Migration Service of Ukraine. Usually, residence permit is given for a year with its further extension for next academic year after successful completion of current course, transfer to the next course and school fees payment. To get residence permit for the first time international students should know that they will pay for registration charges, medical health insurance, migration insurance and some other processing fees required.

  1. What are the Universities you represent in Ukraine?

Here is the list of the higher educational institutions of Ukraine that our company cooperates with and facilitates admission of the foreign citizens to

  1. What are the languages of instruction in Ukraine?

Degree courses are available in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages. In order to study in Ukrainian language students undergo for Preparatory language department (duration of language courses is from 6 to 10 months).

  1. How long does it take to study at the preparatory language course?

Almost all universities, which train foreigners, have preparatory departments for studying Russian or Ukrainian. As a rule, preliminary course lasts 6-10 months. During this period a student masters both ordinary language and professional terminology, deepens knowledge in prospective speciality.

  1. What is the duration of degree programs in Ukraine?

Duration of degree programs:

  • Bachelor degree program - 4 years of studying;
  • Master degree program - 1,5 or 2 years (depending on a speciality, curriculum and university);
  • Medical studies (Doctor of Medicine) - 6 years;
  • PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) – 4 years;
  • Clinical Postgraduate studies (Medical Internship) – from 2 till 4 years.
  1. What is the cost of study in Ukrainian universities?

The cost of degree programs in Ukraine is more affordable comparatively to other European universities. School fees are paid on arrival to University only (no pre-payment is required) for the whole academic year (first year of studies). From second year of studying it is allowed to pay school fees per semester. School fees vary and depend on university of choice and degree program. Approximate school fees information is given here.

  1. What documents are required for admission process in Ukraine?

In order to start admission processing and to get confirmation from admission commission of chosen University, it is necessary to submit scan copies of the following documents:

  • Copy of international passport;
  • Copy of school leaving certificate (Certificate of O level/A level/SSCE/HSSCE/ WAEC /NECO/ Bachelor etc.);
  • Copy of personal data application form signed by an applicant. (The form you need to download from our website, fill, sign and send us its scan copy);
  • To apply for Master degree program, it is necessary to submit Bachelor degree diploma and transcript.
  1. How to prepare correctly for arrival to Ukraine?

After obtaining visa, international students should plan their arrival to Ukraine carefully. When the arrival details are fixed it is vitally necessary to inform our company within 3-5 days before arrival about time, date, flight number etc. (is better to send a copy of your ticket on our email). Due to Ukrainian legislation, Ukrainian university should officially inform the Migration Board in the airport of arrival with notification letter and send the representative of our company together with university’s representative to pick students on arrival.

Please note, that on arrival without informing the Ukrainian part and Migration Board foreign students can be denied access to enter Ukraine.

It is also very important to check carefully the set of documents which students are supposed to have while crossing Ukrainian board at airport:

  • international passport with visa “D“;
  • original of invitation letter for study;
  • documents (original and copies which were legalized by Ukrainian Embassy: testimonial, school results, medical certificate of general fitness etc.);
  • sufficient financial funds (in cash or on personal credit card which may be verified by bank statement).

Foreign students also have interview during border control and should be sure they are ready to provide the border servant with correct and full information on: University and course he is going to study, city he is going, contact of official representative picking a student in airport.

  1. Whether a health insurance is necessary?

The health insurance guarantees that the student gets the required medical aid in times of illness according to the program of the insurance cover. If desired, the company can help to obtain medical insurance at extra cost, which is required when submitting documents to the Embassy of Ukraine for interview, and send it together with invitation letter.

  1. What are the average month expenses for food and living?

The average month expenses for students for food and living are about 100-150 USD. Ukrainian universities have all favorable conditions for international students living: campuses, student hostels at affordable cost, student canteens, student sport gyms and halls. Transport expenditures are also very low.

  1. How can a student get money for his/her expenses from a sponsor?

Money can be sent to the student’s bank account in Ukraine. Our company representatives will assist on that matter as well.

  1. How much luggage is allowed to bring?

It should be noted that the airlines allow 20-25 kgs of luggage to be carried free of cost. Keep in mind that it is allowed to carry 2 bags per person on transatlantic flights. Anyway it is recommended to bring the most necessary things with you, those you won’t be able to purchase in Ukraine.

  1. Will students’ parents be informed on his/her academic progress?

We constantly supervise the process of studying and receive the information on the student’s academic progress on a regular basis. This information is sent further to the students’ parents on demand.